Collagen Molecule

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Collagen Molecule

Collagen composes twenty five percent of all protein in the human body.

Chemical Formula: C2H5NOC5H9NOC5H10NO2

About one quarter of all of the protein in your body is collagen. Collagen is a major structural protein, forming molecular cables that strengthen the tendons and resilient sheets that support the skin and internal organs. Bones and teeth are made by adding mineral crystals to collagen. Collagen provides structure to our bodies, protecting and supporting the softer tissues and connecting them with the skeleton. But, in spite of its critical function in the body, collagen is a relatively simple protein.

Layman's explanation: Collagen is a simple macromolecule composed mainly of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. The structural stability provided by collagen has warranted it a large component of tendons, bone, teeth, and the sheets that support the organs. Vitamin C is a necessary precursor for the biosynthesis of the collagen-residue hydroxyproline, hence, deficiencies of the vitamin can cause serious problems such as tooth loss and easy bruising. Collagen from animals has been used in the form of gelatin for human consumption. The formation of gelatin occurs when collagen denatures upon heating, soaking up nearby water molecules. The resulting structure is the gelatin substance. Another important factor to mention about collagen is that three percent of the population is allergic to the protein and may feel rashes, hives, headaches and other side effects if it is ingested or injected.

Collagen Molecule in three sizes for machine embroidery.

4x4-90mm x 99mm, 5x7-129mm x 141mm, 6x10-148mm x 162mm

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