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These are digital machine embroidery designs. You must own an embroidery machine and know how to transfer files to your machine in order to use these designs. This includes knowing how to use your specific software. We are unable to offer advice or support on your specific embroidery software or machine. Please direct software and machine specific questions to your dealer or manufacturer. Thank you.


Q) Why are there two “My Accounts”?


A) Good question. It had me stumped too. Apparently that is the way this template was built.

Use the “My Account” between About Us and Contact Us on the Top/Left of every page.
The “My Account” next to the cart serves the same purpose as My Cart.


 Q) What Formats are the designs? 

A) We offer all our designs in the following formats: .art, .hus, .jef, pes, .vip, .vp3

Our native format is vp3. Color Charts are included in all files.


Q) How do I download my files? 

A) You must set up your account for the first time. 

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***Downloads are only available for up to one year from purchase date!! You need to make sure you back up your files. Some suggestions are Cloud, Dropbox or external drive***

If needed, purchased designs will be sent via email up to 365 days. [email protected]

Q) How Come I Can’t Get a Free Sample to Check Out?

A) Make sure the box is check “No Payment Necessary”  

Q) I can't log in and it will not let me reset! What do I do? 

A) First try a different browser. If you are on Edge or Internet Explorer, try Chrome or Firefox. Different computers and systems work better with different browsers and websites.  

If after you have tried a new browser and it is still not letting you in, just hit the reset password button. Please make sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder.  I do have the ability to reset your password if needed. I will send you a temporary password so you can get into your account and change it to whatever you wish. 

Q) How Can I Be Notified Regarding Sales and New Designs?


A) You are welcome to join our Groups i.o. for free samples and notice of sales and special events. Join HERE .  MeWe (birthday club) will keep you informed and it's fun! JOIN HERE

Do you offer hand embroidery designs?

No. The designs that I offer are for machine embroidery only. You must have an embroidery machine to sew out the designs.

No Refunds or Returns on Digital Item

We sell machine embroidery design files. You will need an embroidery machine to use these files. We do not sell the finished items shown.

It’s your responsibility to know what your embroidery machines hoop size is and which designs you can stitch. If you are unsure you should look in your user manual or ask your local dealer. The designs at PNW-Embroidery are listed on what hoop is needed for stitch-out. You may use the contact button if you need further assistance.

Due to the electronic nature of the files we sell, know that there are no refunds, returns or exchanges on our digital files. You agree to this by purchasing our files.

The files you are purchasing are zipped. The zipped file contains folders with Designs, Designs Information and Tutorial, if applicable. It is your responsibility to know how to unzip the file and transfer those files to your machine. If you are unsure you should look in your user manual or ask your local dealer.

Q) Do You Have Any Samples To Test?


A) MeWe has free samples, Birthday Club and  Appliqué of the Month Club (free)  JOIN HERE.

Groups io has a free applique every month. JOIN HERE