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Sorbic Acid Molecule

Sorbic acid is used as a preservative in foods, tobacco, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Chemical Formula: C6H8O2

Other names: crotylidene-acetic acid, (E,E)-2,4-Hexadienoic acid

Sorbic acid is a colorless or white crystalline powder, with a weak characteristic odor and slightly acidic taste.

It may be obtained from berries of the mountain ash or prepared synthetically by condensing crotonaldehyde and malonic acid in pyridine solution.

Sorbic acid is a polyunsaturated fat used to inhibit molds and yeast, is a fungistatic agent for foods (especially cheeses, wine and baked goods).

The main use of sorbic acid is as a preservative in foods, animal feeds, tobacco, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well in packing materials for these substances and in other products that come in contact with human or animal skin in some way.

Sorbic acid is also used as an intermediate for plasticizers and lubricants. Sorbic acid reacts with potassium to make potassium sorbate and with calcium to make calcium sorbate.

Sorbic Molecule in four sizes for machine embroidery.

4x4-99mm x 42mm, 5x7-179mm x 75mm, 6x10-239mm x 100mm, 8x14-358mm x 150mm

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