Terms and Conditions

All embroidery designs have been test sewn by me on a Home Machine. All embroidery machines are different so I can’t guarantee your results.

If you have any problems with your designs;  please let me know as soon as possible so it can be corrected.

These are digital machine embroidery designs. You must own an embroidery machine and know how to transfer files to your machine in order to use these designs. This includes knowing how to use your specific software.

We are unable to offer advice or support on your specific embroidery software or machine. Please direct software and machine specific questions to your dealer.


Because of the nature of electronic media, all sales are final. No refunds.


PNW-Embroidery will not be held liable for any damages of losses incurred as a result of using any of our designs.

Because of the nature of electronic media, all sales are final. No refunds.

Your purchase will remain in your account for 365 days. Please make several back-ups.


All designs listed under the heading PNW are copyrighted and protected by law.


By using these designs you are agreeing to the terms and copyright.


You have purchased these embroidery designs from PNW-Embroidery and are granted a single-user license for personal use, meaning that you may stitch out the designs on finished projects for personal use, gifts or resale only.

The digital designs and graphic files themselves, or any part thereof, cannot be sold, traded, shared or included in another design package in any way and are for use by the original purchaser only.

The designs or part thereof MAY NOT be reproduced, copied, distributed, or shared in any form or by any means.

Please note that copying embroidery designs or sharing them is a copyright violation and consequently is illegal. This is irrespective of whether you purchase the design or download a sample. You merely have a license to use the download in accordance with our terms. However, you are allowed to make copies for back-up purposes.

The photos, artwork, and digitized designs, remain the property of Pacific Northwest Embroidery.


This message is to remind you to backup any design files that you have purchased or downloaded from PNW Embroidery.

Please make at least 2 additional copies of your design files, and store those copies on 2 other media, such as CD's, DVD's, external portable drives, or online backup services. We do not replace designs that were given free. The easiest way to gain access to your designs is to create an account before purchase. If you create an account, you will be able to re-download your purchases in your account dashboard for up to 1 year.


Don’t copy, give away, transfer or sell any part of the designs or artwork without express written permission from Pacific Northwest Embroidery

PNW-Embroidery only uses your information to correspond with you when needed.
We do not sell, trade or rent any personal information given to Pacific Northwest Embroidery.