More Machine Embroidery Applique Tips

Posted by Judy PNW on 5/9/2022 to Tips-Hints
More Machine Embroidery Applique Tips

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Machine embroidery appliqués are quick and a fun way to use up those fabric scraps.

PNW-Embroidery includes a helpful step by step for each appliqué.

Let’s take the featured Moon-Star Appliqué for this post.

After hooping fabric with stabilizer the first step is machine embroider the three motif filled designs. Easy right?

Next you will run color 2 that outlines the moon shape.

Now take your fabric scrap and make sure it covers the outline and color 3 will double stitch the fabric in place.

Remove the hooped project from the machine but DO NOT UNHOOP.  Simply, trim away the extra fabric from outside the stitching lines and return to the machine. Get close in your trimming but try to not cut the threads.

Return your hooped project to the machine and run color 4. Depending on the file you choose this will either create a satin stitch to the outside of the moon or a motif. OR you have the option of not running color 3 at all and leave the project with a raw edge.


Now, I love raw edge appliqué and this is my “secret” to eliminate fabric fray. I iron Pellon  Wonder-Under transfer web to the wrong side of the fabric scrap. I use Wonder-Under for the motif edges too. It will add an extra firmness to the fabric that makes cutting easier.


Be sure to download this project to try it on your own! Appliqué is so much fun. My only complaint about machine embroidery appliqué is that it’s so fast you don’t have time to get involved in something else. J

Satin Appliqué

Posted by Judy PNW on 4/14/2018 to Tips-Hints
Satin Appliqué
Machine Embroidery Appliqué using Satin Stitches